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There is also the possibility to acquire the certificate of “Google Adwords Qualified Professional”. In addition, the targeted use of online collaboration and social communities, as well as measures of online PR and mailing campaigns is included in the curriculum. The in-service training course online-marketing manager /-in (ebam) 2.0 starts in Stuttgart and Frankfurt on September 25, in Hamburg, Germany on October 9, in Munich on October 23, in Berlin on the 20th of November, in Cologne, Germany on November 27, 2010, and in Vienna on January 15, 2011. There is more information on or at Munich ebam headquarters, 089/548847-91. company description offering ebam Business Academy for media, event and culture since 1993 in-service training on. You ranks among the leading providers of continuing education in the music -, media -, event – and culture industry in German-speaking countries. Initially treated the two managing directors Georg Loffler and Michele Claveau only topics of the music industry. Soon found himself out however, that the need for information beyond this a segment ranged beyond.

The interests stretched from legal questions about press work for cultural and event management. With the know-how of branchenerfahrener speakers, the ebam Academy gradually expanded their range of products. Has become one of the ebam Business Academy over 6000 participants. Only the course “EventManager/-in(ebam)” participants attended one of 1500. This work successfully in renowned event and event agencies or have made the leap into self-employment. Participants of the course “music business manager /-in (ebam)” are now successful product manager at major labels, music publishers and artist Manager or run their own label. The ebam certificates and diplomas are recognized among industry insiders as evidence of in-depth practical knowledge.

The ebam Business Academy in Munich has its headquarters. The ebam-seminars and courses however held on eight course locations throughout the German-speaking area: Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Vienna and Baden near Zurich. 2009 the ebam Academy opened its own Seminar Center in Berlin. Company contact: ebam Business Academy Georg Loffler Engelhardstr.

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