Business Etiquette

Tips for the dress code for women we live and work in a globalized world. Every day we meet people with different backgrounds and different social backgrounds. To communicate successfully with each other, it is therefore necessary to keep that apply equally to all people within a culture circle to certain rules of the game. Tact, style and manners are a mirror of the time and not to be underestimated in importance. Who does not know it, has it on the way up hard and will be successful in the professional and business life. Safe and confident appearance and personality are crucial for a successful career.

While the first impression is enormously important, you can positively influence the appearance with a corresponding greeting”, says Tanja Biber, head of HR marketing at the Coca-Cola beverages AG. “Already Adolf Freiherr Knigge, who, we the Knigge” due to have formulated laws of 1788, social behavior, which closely resemble the modern management techniques. “His treatise aimed to the citizens a kind of instruction manual” on hand to give to find their way on the Court. While it was far however, to teach the respective courtly labels in his book. “Bull by the Horns” is often quoted as being for or against this. Knigge wanted to educate the citizens rather emancipated people and enlighten them about a foreign world. Then, as today, is: who wants to be successful, you need to know what rules prevail, and he must be willing to accept these rules and to use for themselves. Just women who are increasingly under pressure and expectations, to convince leaders can move stylish and unerringly on the business floor, to be recognized as competent and serious interlocutor. We evaluate our interlocutors to: appearance (clothing, jewelry type), emotional Association, behavior (behavior), knowledge (call, career, title), language (language, voice),. So lacking associations (resemblance to well-known people) while women especially with regard to a respectful dealing points and generally have less difficulty emotionally adjust to their interlocutor, but more often the appearance.

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