Business-Oriented Localizations

A business-oriented localization represents a great variation, determining the success or failure of an enterprise. Although the number of works and references on the question is countless; they are not perceived in the same, great innovations in relation to the classic studies. Bigger new features on the tertiary equipment localization have been published for the Business administration, who has treated the more specific procedural question, congregating and developing techniques of analysis of diverse academic origins, confirming, thus, the interdisciplinary of the Geo-marketing. Conceptually, the retail represents a process of sales of products and services to a final consumer, carried through in such a way in store how much for telephone, Internet or in house. The sales carried through for manufacturers and wholesalers the final consumers also are considered the retail.

(RELATIVE, 2000). What he differentiates the retailers of the wholesalers is the personal use, conferred for its customers, to the acquired products, whereas the others resell its acquisitions. The retailers play an intermediate role in the systems of distribution between the producer and the consumer, while a link enters the level of the consumption and the level of the attacked one or the production. For Relative (2000), an error in the election of a retail point can mean an enormous disadvantage competitive, bigger efforts and sacrifices, seno damages. The importance of the localization is less excellent, only, for the types retail that operate without store, as the virtual catalogue companies or retailers who commercialize through the Internet. These models obtain to reach its consumers, independently, of its physical localization. However, the access easiness still if keeps as a vital factor for the success of any business. The regional Center-South, when constituting one of the nine regional ones in which if it finds divided Belo Horizonte, if detaches for centering the main functions in the city, beyond englobar 40 quarters, 458 ways and covering 10% of its total extension.

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