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All that I am here telling you and show you here is my personal experience. I made myself on Google, a few personal sites that are successfully working for me. I sincerely support your desire to make a website for this hosting, and offer you their knowledge, to develop the site as a series of video lessons for the practical creation of the site, and articles for theoretical knowledge. So, your desire to make a website, can now be embodied as govoryat'ne on the spot ', immediately after viewing the first video lesson, the duration of which 5 minut.Esli you already have their e-mail on the service from Google, – it will speed up your happy event. With the second lesson, you can place on your website business cards, all you need to, text, etc.

What else can you need a website? Respond to it you can do, even in the first lesson in mind when selecting your site design. All quite simply, you look at the pictures and choose the one that you, at the moment, like the most. Choosing a website design and you specify to which category it would be: Business, family, school, club, etc. Based on the choice of design, construction structure of the site, in your chosen site template. In my video, I show how the lessons make a personal website, which will bring you customers from the Internet. So I purposely removed from its video lessons, a lot of extra add-ons that I believe will prevent your customers see and understand the essence of your predlozheniya.Pri necessary, you can put these supplements on their own.

My principle is that I developed for practice is as follows: One site – One of the Offer. The benefit of that, free hosting Google, allows you to make as many sites as you need, at the same time absolutely free. If you need to include in your blog or business context advertising from Google, then you can easily install it yourself in your control panel account on Google. Approx. Some visitors do for half an hour what the dream, think and solve a few months:) So! When done your site, go to my blog where all the mass of useful and amusing information. In addition to the blog I share my knowledge how to create using the site, all of our clients and make money on the Internet. Until next time, I sincerely wish you success!

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