Cable Connections

As if this were not enough, but the slide put the 12th as a native (2112-3501013 2112-3501012 left and right), brake discs buy, (suggest, and later I will only give your options, you will also be able to use its sole discretion) over the same 520 142 ATE Ability Disk, they ventilated with round recesses on the surface of the disk. Imagine a fact that drives a relaxed, without any alterations or, finally, sit down on the hub. Imagine a fact that now, that would introduce this structure, we need both calculate the time and, eventually, make planting of support, since the staff for obvious reasons, no matter how fine. Sadly, I will not give here the calculation and drawings of the attachment, can expected to put it mildly, to give individual advice. It's no secret that the planting caliper must be present, as everyone knows, a width of 5-7 mm, and made out quite the way we express ourselves, have a strong (45, Titanium – ideal). Necessary to emphasize that today eat, how people are used to express, ready mounting options, worth around $ 50 a couple out, but so far they are tested. Everyone knows that the brake hose set, as all know, all kinds (Pirelli, ATE, etc.). Everyone knows that this sort, and from small to large.

Please note that the check cable connections, pumps and brake testing. Rear disc brakes. Necessary to emphasize that in what dignity? First, it is like the highest braking efficiency, reliability (they do not like to gain water if the drums do not freeze, as everyone says, in winter), a wonderful and easy to extract service.

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