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Determine your ideal career – one that is in alignment with the values, passions and talents – and discover the work they were born to run Discovery is the process by which a person identifies their ideal career, saving themselves a lot of time (and money) not to apply the career options that ultimately is successful. Chief of Staff wanted to know more. To find your true calling, it is necessary to dig and find things that are important to you – now and in the future. Career Discovery is an important process and one of the skills that really do not teach in high school or college. Career advisers in schools are primarily focused on access to knowledge and trying to compare them to the career field. This may work well for some people, but others think that their values and beliefs change over time, and discover that what they thought they wanted in a career when they were 20 years is not necessarily what they want when they are 40.

To find a career suits their beliefs, values and skills, you really need to do a thorough assessment of yourself. What is serving a life? What are your priorities? What is the "purpose of life?" What motivates and interests you? What skills, knowledge and skills you possess? And what would you be excited about learning in the future? Some other important considerations: Do you work well alone, or needs the energy and the interaction of a group of coworkers? Do you feel comfortable with financial shocks that can come with self-employment, or need the security of a fixed salary? Do you like working long hours, or would you rather be in a race that allows a lot of free time to spend with your family and friends? Do you like to travel long distances, or prefer to work close to home? Do you like working outdoors, or are you an office rat who has to be surrounded by four walls, to be productive? Do you really want a new career, or you could make your present career acceptable, with some adjustments? Until you can answer most of these questions satisfactorily, I would not recommend the end of their career plans. Life is short, as the saying goes, and do not want to lose several years traveling in a road race, only to discover you've made the wrong choice. So do your homework, take a look inside your soul, and discover his true calling in life. Only then moves in the process of developing a race strategy. Kent Johnson – author, publisher, career coach. Helping people realize their dreams one career at a time. Your Dream – your source of advice and career information ==

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