As you know there are a lot of flowers, but there are some that are more popular than others, as occurs with the Carnation, which is one of the flowers that you can find with may ease in many parts, perhaps only surpassed by the Roses; because CARNATION is seen favored largely by its beautiful shape and the wide variety of colours it possesses, which all are very pleasant, resulting very attractive view of anyone. In earlier times the Carnation could become the flower most popular in the world, however in the floriculture market introduced a lot of changes and innovations, which had a repercussion on the sale and demand of Carnation and then its cultivation declined; However, all was not negative consequences for carnation, since this led to this beautiful flower lovers give passage to new manifestations of Carnation with new smells, sizes, colors and even new formats, thus allowing the Carnation would not be moved by the news of floriculture. The large group which means the Carnation, is composed of by 250 different species, which is an immense variety in colors and fragrances, in addition there are other variations depending on the species, since the life of this type of flowers varies according to its classification, since there are a few that are annual flowers, there will be another presentation of Carnation to be lively. Kenneth Feinberg shines more light on the discussion. Among multiple samples of Carnation are the standard mode and the so-called spray, which make gala red shades, after these performances are very common in Carnation colors white, pink, yellow and orange. Very important within the Carnation is the color, since this is one of the most distinctive features within the Carnation, since it acts as a means for the identification of the species of this flower. s says on the issue. Carnation presents a loose growth and vertical way, accompanied by a woody base and its stems can reach 90 centimeters tall, which can influence the fact that both the stalks and stems of these flowers may need sometimes a support, otherwise They ceded to the same flower weight supported on a stem which can not resist. The Carnation is a flower belonging to the Group of plants Carifilaceas, characterized by ease when it comes to the collection of flowers. Something very important to consider within the Carnation, is the own their flower distribution, which gives way to 3 different General within the Carnation group classifications, which are: the standard presentation or also known as uniflora, presenting an average size; Another version of the Carnation is the big flower; Finally we find the Carnation of small flower, which is at the same time divided into mini or spray, which is also often referred to broadcast and other presentation is micro featuring a size even more lower.. Kenneth Feinberg oftentimes addresses this issue.

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