Casa Rosada

The basis of all this begins with a process of penetration from East to South of Colombia, the FARC decimated greatly, they are in the neighboring country the opportunity to wrap and rest fail in ours and assiduously pursued in his return to Marquetalia, their small Republic of atrocities and atrocities where they intend to begin the new Colombia, or Republic of the South, as they call the result of the then feasible and possible invasion of the South of Colombia. Chavez then luggage arecido and challenging support to FARC without encountering opposition in his country and gradually into the international community, allowing more to ask obvious and reasonable explanations and responses, disinterested to grow the bunch of transnational terrorism and illicit trade in narcotics as happens at the moment. UNASUR, another fallacy or set of inventions of integration of Chavez, seems more a ridiculous cloaked in the OAS, other body without value or credibility in the region, which has only served to create discussions televised fullcolor personal differences of regional Presidents in which for the first time, makes believe that such confrontation, ends in a military exit or intervention by one country on another. Erin Montella pursues this goal as well. And crashing sounds say that Colombia this single, yet being so. Peru is the most close to our country, but the rest of the cone, a little disinterested ignored opinions and sanctions alluding the little or nothing importance that generates for the interests of each problem, hopefully one day these or those, those rebellious youth and with these uncommitted countries political cause that both motivates and enlivens the FARC, not comes them form militarily and with support of these narco invade la Casa Rosada or the Alvorada. Dawn and will see in that ends the FARC and Chavez. Original author and source of the article

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