Choosing A Domain Name When Creating A Site

Short and memorable domain name contributes to the number of visitors to the site, therefore, profitable to the owner. A difficult to write or not credible name scares off potential visitors. Therefore, the choice of name when creating a site should be taken seriously. Domain name – a unique alphanumeric designation of the site can only consist of letters of the alphabet, numbers and dashes in the middle of the name. Domain names are different levels (eg, – a second-level domain, – this is the third level domain). Top-level domains – a blast zone that inform the visitor about the National (. Ua,. Ru,.

it,. fr) or thematic (. com,. org,. net,. tv) membership site.

The main tasks of the domain name in the visitors it is easy to remember and if you want to go back to the site. Consequently, a good domain name: short, catchy (associated with views the organization or company name), it is easy to pronounce and write. The process of selecting the site name: Select domain area of the site (. Ua,. Ru,. Com, etc.) A list of desired names, list of names checked on employment in the selected domain area (check on the employment domain may be available from registrars,,,, etc.) If the name is satisfied the necessary requirements and is free, then it is registered ( from domain name registrars,,, etc.), if not, repeat the process with the first punkta.Esli all desired variations of the name are busy and ideas have dried up: For inspiration, look at dictionaries and reference books (,; See examples of domain names catalogs sites, constitute the name of several words (eg, domain busy, try,, etc.) Try the program for the generation domain name (; Declare within your company's competition for the best domain name, with cash prizes for interesting ideas, try to come up with a new, non-existent word or corporate name of the hero; See offer auctions of domain names; Seek professional help (naming – professional development name). Choosing the best name – not a quick process that can not last one week. Therefore, to store patient and plan this phase of the site in advance. We hope that our article will help you in the selection process domain name. Good luck!

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