Clothing Hunt

Hunting and fishing season begins long before its official opening. Only a real hunter knows that to prepare in advance. When the season starts, will have no time to run to the shops and look for the right thing. At preparation for the new season recently took equipment, namely clothing for hunting and fishing. Why do clothes so important? Quite simply, how comfortable suit, waterproof or not, whether he produces the noise depends half of the success of the event.

Every detail is important, hunting or fishing, even the existence and location of the pocket plays an important role. Often, manufacturers of clothing for hunting and fishing to sacrifice her comfort for the sake of beauty, forgetting that in the woods or on the river, the beauty is not a major role. Will not even talk about what some people believe that orange jacket – it is an ideal color to disguise themselves among the reeds. But this is all the details. This hunter knows exactly what he wanted. More difficult to account for those engaged in hunting and fishing is relatively recent, and it does not have an experienced counselor.

To help new hunters and anglers to make the right choice We offer a number of recommendations that will help to buy something that will really help in the hunt. To begin with, the clothes for hunting and fishing must necessarily possess the following qualities: 1. Comfort. Costume hunter anglers should not hamper the movement and stop. Remember that hunting and fishing is extremely important reaction, one constrained motion may deprive you deserved a trophy. 2. Protection. Costume hunting and fishing should protect as well against weather events (rain, snow) and be designed for field conditions and the long seat in the ambush. 3. Masking. As mentioned above, the costume should not draw attention to themselves. The color should match the costume of the climate zone where you go. On the hunt of masking depends on many things. 4. Environmentally friendly. Clothing for hunting and fishing should not contain elements harmful to human health. Water-repellent impregnation linings, insulation should be made of environmentally friendly, certified materials. When selecting clothing for hunting and fishing is an important factor on which season you are buying it. You can not use winter outfit summer and the summer set – in the winter. If you're going to hunt in the cold season, the suit must necessarily contain a heater, do not miss the wind. Do not forget to hunt have to wait a long time, and when waiting, the cold sneaks down to the bone. When selecting clothing for hunting and fishing, consider the terrain. If this is the river, forest or other place, suggesting the presence of mosquitoes, mosquitoes and other biting insects, the suit should hide your body as possible. To protect your face, use special hats that will be fitted with mosquito netting. To protect your hands, buy a glove, only when they are selected note, your fingers into them to freely bent, otherwise it will be extremely uncomfortable. The final tip. Clothing for hunting and fishing should be practical and not lose color after the first wash. Garment Factory Ltd. 'VIVA DON' offers a collection of clothing for hunting and fishing. Costumes are sewn with the wishes of hunters and fishermen. On the whole fabric has certificates of compliance. Ltd. 'VIVA DON' wishes you a successful hunt and biting. No fluff, no feathers!

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