Colalillo Kates

I will do retrospective meaning of the perennial philosophy. I will comment on Isabella’s dialogue with Gallegos Nava Colalillo Kates, precisely where Gallegos said that we must understand the holistic education as a process of evolution of consciousness: Well, I also clearly understand the concept of “conscience” and transcribe the dictionary that “consciousness is knowledge, notion: that he is aware of his actions, of their rights. Sentimiento by which the man appreciates his actions: the voice of conscience. morality, righteousness, integrity-man consciousness.

I think it is of vital importance to understand the term consciousness to which I am referring, since he speaks of knowledge, action, righteousness …. which in our work of teachers must apply and be present, and pass that knowledge must be clear, real, right. even consider not just one group or in isolation, since as Colalillo Kates puts it, we must consider the change of systems, because it says not enough change to a single human being or a small group but that change must be made at the system level. We need people more ready, more spiritual, not thinking that spirituality is religion, as it can be converted into group favoring only its members, falling at the level of competition, like in Japan, trying to take control purposes destruction of the weakest. Gallegos replied on this issue, which in today’s society there is a resurgence of religion, although some thinkers say that religion is in retreat, leaving the churches themselves, giving the example of Holland, and that churches have become structures very bureaucratic, linked to power, with greater political participation that is more worldly, mundane.

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