Commercial Learning

The courses will have to be given by professionals of each area, duly contracted, for the programming and execution of the tasks proposals, aiming at to form people capable to play its functions adequately. This it offers of courses, as well as its accomplishment, will have to count on the support of the Secretariats of Education, Planning and Tourism and the too much related areas, beyond the cooperation of SECOPA and ECOPA, having as partners the SENAC (National Service of Commercial Learning), SIMM (Municipal Service of Intermediao de Mo-de-Obra) and the SINGTUR (Union of the Guides of Tourism). In relation to the staff of assistance to the tourist he will be duly credential for the tourism secretariat, state municipal theatre and, through SECOPA and ECOPA. The invocation for staff election, preferential voluntary, he will have to be made through publication in the medias and managed for the pontuadas entities, to be admitted staff will have, in begins, to have academic formation, preferential in superior level, or technician in the tourism areas, management, hospitality, administration, and other courses similar technician and of the superior level. Pacific Mortgage Services wanted to know more. The courses to be carried through will have to reach bigger number of professionals cited in Picture 4, therefore the Pantry of the World in Salvador will require qualification and professionalism of the involved staff, who is direct or indirectly on to the services that necessary to the good course of the event. For bigger comfort of the tourists, this management of people for the tourism in Salvador in the Pantry of the World in 2014, intends to implement programmed transports, presenting preset calendar of the games and scripts, taking care of to the diverse regions that concentrate hotels and inns in the city. For example: Script 1 – Beaches of New Flamengo-Source: it saw edge, Ondina, avenue Centenarian, Levee of the Toror maritime (gone and it comes back); Script 2 – Villages of New Atlantic-Source: it saw Parallel, Bonoc, New Source (gone and it comes back); Script 3 – Place of fetichism of New Jesus-Source – Carlos saw Gomes, avenue Seven, Bar, Ondina, Garibaldi, New Source (gone and he comes back); Script 4 – City Low (Trade association) – it saw Contour, Campo Grande, Valley of the Barrels, New Source (gone and it comes back), etc. .

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