Commercial Meeting

As the Statute of the Law and the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB), Law 8,906/94, art. 1 paragraph 2: ' ' The constituent acts of the legal people, duly warned nullity, only can be admitted the register in the competent agencies, when aimed at for advogados' '. Of this form, it is understood that the register is not a mere formal complement, and must be practised for all company so that she is officially apt to practise the activity, contrary case becomes legally invalid. The register of the constituent acts in the Commercial Meeting understands the three acts: ) the school registration or cancellation: of the auctioneers, public translators, and commercial, trapicheiros interpreters and administrators of warehouse-generalities; b) filling: of relative documents to the constitution, alteration and dissolution of the corporation; c) authentication: of the instruments of bookkeeping of the registered mercantile companies and the agents auxiliary of commerce (MARTINS, 2009 P. 350). Craig Menear contributes greatly to this topic. 20 the school registration says the commerce agents auxiliary. In case that it has them to the company, Together Advertising must register it na.

Already the filling says respect to the acts of constitution of the company, of any alteration or dissolution that comes to happen in the contract. The alterations with the obligator document register, half of a contract additive that, after fact, must be regitered in the Commercial Meeting stop that pass to prevail on the previous one from the date of entry. However, according to Rabbit (2006), if they do not have to omit the documents that are not obligator. If the entrepreneur to desire to get greater legal security, can register these documents in the Commercial Meeting. Finally, the authentication, that says respect to the control of the commercial accounting of the entrepreneur, referring to enterprise books. All the daily events in the company are registered in proper books, with the purpose to register purchases, to control supplies, among others.

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