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Usually, the first on what to look for when buying a new phone is its design. And here at the Samsung i8910's all right. The phone's design is very attractive. He is a solid, modern and expensive. " Communicator has the features that makes features, and unique style. Of the shell is thin enough, and the display has impressive size, which also can not be ignored.

Samsung I8910 world's first phone that records video in hd, and this video high quality. Others including Paul Taylor, offer their opinions as well. Matrix chamber 8 Mpix, which allows not only high-quality video, but good pictures (and this at a shell thickness less than 13 mm!). Specifications as impressive. Large touch screen has diagonal of 3.7 inches, its resolution is 360×640 pixels. Device has 8 or 16 gb of internal memory, depending on phone model. You can expand the memory with microSDHC card has a 32 gb.

There is Wi-Fi module and all the typical modern mobile phone. Thanks to the battery 1500 mAh, use all the features Samsung i8910 can be quite a long time. That's only if you record a video, do not forget that the battery will sit down quickly enough. Add Mobile phone with so much potential without adequate attention in a samsung failed. Not much later, the field appears in the sale of Samsung I8910, published his version of the premium Samsung I8910 Gold Edition. Specifications and features a Gold Edition have remained without changes, but here there were items on the case of gold. Also became more extensive package, which has a leather case and some other nice stuff. Naturally, the number of Samsung I8910 Gold Edition is limited and they have created for status and not for all people, since many will not afford it.

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