Competitive War

It is clear that now the new head to guide the British BP is preventing the threat of exit zealous "daughter" to Western oil markets. It turned out that his hands had created a real unmanaged competitor, who wished to become a player of equal value, which is not included in the plans to create the British company. In the "roaring" 90 – x main goal was access to Russian reserves and their self-realization. The actions of Russian business in the tricky situation with Kovykta – TNK – BP presented some little understood in the sense of a simple man in the street performance of interaction between different domestic alliances. or a more varied view. Widening of the conflict among tops Russian – British consortium at a time when the deal between "Gazprom" and TNK – BP Kovykta actually nearing its end looks like a jostling elbows between "my guys" in a scuffle with a total stranger, or it was part of an overall plan to pressure the recalcitrant Western heavyweights, which led to the postponement of the final agreement.

How effective for Russian businessmen and managers will all These strategic moves and reflexive contractions "under the carpet" show time. It seems the further developments will occur in the coming months. Thus, the management strategy in a situation with Kovykta, and earlier and with Sakhalin – 2, is now reduced to eliminate the consequences of mistakes made during the privatization and creating a market of large oil and gas suppliers. There is a clash of economic interests Russian and Western companies in the changed circumstances. Representatives of the new Russian capitalism, striving for world markets, Western capitalism is eager to places of production.

Begin long-term competitive war fierce battle involving reciprocal and mutual high losses in the new division of the world economic space. Errors 90 – ies corrected by replacement of foreign corporations with their territory, and new goals are reached by traditional means borrowed to purchase the West economically promising targets in global markets. It is clear that a significant role in addressing the first of these two problems State plays. To implement the most efficient and competitive strategy obscheupravlencheskoy leadership of each organization must have the skills of management, based on the decisions of minimum number of errors, fatal for each company. Personnel Management IT Centre is responsible for implementing technology in teaching, assessment and staff development, strategic management, process automation personnel diagnosis based on the delivery of software and computer systems selection and evaluation of human resources in the client organization. Specialization business training, 'Strategic mistakes and miscalculations of Management', 'Competitive War and Strategy ',' HR Management '. They are all designed on the basis of multimediatehnology and most other modern teaching aids.

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