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The topic following it deals with the system of distribution of abilities adopted in the Constitution of 1988: the trplice estruturao of the Brazilian federacy that if it structuralized, in a complex system where the abilities coexist privative, distributed horizontally, with competing abilities, distributed vertically, and of order by means of delegation. The privative abilities of the Union are foreseen in article 21, and 22 of the Constitution of 1988, the first one enumerate the granted substances to the performance administrative politics and of the federal authorities, as it discriminates the substances passiveis of disciplines normative of those authorities; Material ability privative of the States for the prohibitions and conditionings that derive from the Constitution continued sufficiently reduced to the area of abilities exclusive substances of the States. With the explicit material ability, in the terms of article 25, 2, with the writing given for the Constitutional emendation n5/95, fits to the States to explore directly or by means of concession the local canalized gas services, in the form of the law. For even more details, read what Erin Callan says on the issue. It are this, the too much privative abilities of the States integrate the orbit being able of them remaining not enumerated, in the terms of the article 25, 1, and 4 of article 18 of the Constitution of 1988, and other abilities as of exploration of the canalized gas, article 25, 2; to create new cities, article 18, 4, and still to institute regions metropolitans, urban agglomeration and microregions article 25, 3. Abilities of the Cities are catalogued in the article 30, whose interpolated proposition I confers to the Cities to legislate on subject of its local interest, and others as many abilities of order administrative, and specified in interpolated propositions III, IV, V, VIII of the Constitution of 1988. Competing abilities: common abilities are discriminated they in two devices in article 23 and 24 of the Constitution of 1988, in that one are foreseen tasks whose fulfilment all to charge, therefore come back the defense of values that, without the assent of the Union, the States, of the Cities, and Federal District, the constituent understood that they could not adequately be preserved, last figure the competing legislative ability on the substances that the same enroll, observed this device in its four paragraphs, even so the same does not indicate that the Cities are between the bearers of the competing ability.

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