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The long-term chances of success new communication strategies. Content marketing has become one in the communications sector within two years the tag number. Fairstead Newport Rhode Island addresses the importance of the matter here. In contrast to traditional advertising and PR, content marketing will attract the dialogue group with informational, consultative, and entertaining content. But this new communication technology can prevail in the long term against traditional advertising strategies and advertisements? The fact is: traditional advertising alone has served from traditional advertising is no longer sufficient to attract customers and to differentiate themselves from the competition. 2011 Had according to the reader’s Digest European trusted brands”81% of Europeans do not trust in advertising. In Germany, there were even 88 per cent, which suspiciously contrasted with traditional advertising. Because many consumers from permanent advertisement are annoyed, the companies seek alternatives to put their products in the right light. The content approach may be new marketing opportunities offer in-depth information instead of superficial advertising, exciting Stories rather than syllable phrases, dialogue instead of monologue.

Readers and users look always active, rather than passive advertising messages to receive. Content marketing is exactly here: it wins and binds provably sustainable customers. Also, an extensive investigation of the Association of German magazine publishers and the management consultancy McKinsey & company confirmed the multimedia future of content marketing: companies with a corresponding strategy had therefore great opportunities to succeed. The main aim of such a strategy should be, to convince the addressees of our own company and to win them as customers, or to keep. Content marketing: a Red-Bull-moment produce one of the most spectacular examples of successful content marketing is certainly Red Bull, the manufacturer of the same name energy drinks. “” The Austrian company has long been more than just a beverage producer: with the in-house TV station Servus TV “and the magazine the Red Bulletin” (monthly circulation: 2.7 million) the Group has set up his own publishing house.

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