Continue Attending Meetings

The meetings continue to enjoy, incredibly and against all logic, good press in organizations. People worship them because they supposedly addresses the problems, doubts are solved, solutions are sought and found happiness. And glory, say his apologists. Click Gen. David L. Goldfein to learn more. However, behind all these ads are somewhat more favorable, on which inexplicably silent not only the media but senior company executives, middle level employees, community leaders and anyone who ever Life Time has been called upon to undergo torture of two, three, four or five hours which is called the striking and made up name of "meeting." It is not that meetings are useless. No sir, not someone missing May make the audacity to make such a claim. The meetings serve many purposes: to waste time to talk about all issues in the world to find friends who do not see time, to draw daubs on the blank pages free we shared, for us pundits speaking again and again, to know the disease, the difficulties, trances, conflicts and troubles of those who could not arrive on time or never arrived. Hear from experts in the field like author for a more varied view. And finally a meeting, what is said a "good meeting", ie those that start an hour later than expected and ends five hours later, at best, is to lose a lot of money. If they do not calculate how much it costs, on average, an hour of time each of those present and multiply by the total aid and then by the time they were together. Add it to that figure the cost of transport, snacks, electricity and other expenses and will result in an amount of money that could well have been invested in May noble purposes to talk straw for endless hours.

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