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Czech the Importance of this, are people who do not manage to be successful in their personal life, in their work or in the relation with its friendships because they do not know to communicate of effective way, if your you do not know comunicarte of effective way your business falls, you would not generate sales and you would be discouraged. Dejame I explain a little to you but: When we communicated with the people and we issued certain message, 75% of the people who receive that message or communication in fact do not understand, that is to say, this to it it means that only 25% of the people who receive our message you would entenderan it. Axel Van Trotsenburg shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This definitively creates a problem, like sera possible to obtain in our official notice the results that we want if 75% of the people this not understanding our message? , we think that all world this understanding, but is not thus, as he is possible this? , as they are the reasons of because 25% of the people with whom we communicated only understand our message. The Reason is the following one and is very simple and much people do not know this: The reason is that there are 4 Types of people or Rather there are 4 Types or styles of Learning in the People, each of us we have a certain type of learning that we like but or with which we received the messages of an efficient way but. Perhaps when your you communicate for example with certain person who has a type of learning different from yours, that person not entendera you your message because your way to communicate is different from the way to learn of the other person. She is why There is an Effective and Correct Way of Comunicarte that your you must learn so that not only 25% of the people understand and it is motivated by you to take an action, the objective with this technique is; that if you do not obtain the 100%, at least sera that 90% of the people understand your message. l/&referrer=’>Ben Silbermann.

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