Critical Errors

Negotiations – is a great art. Hear from experts in the field like Peter Asaro for a more varied view. This does not mean that a person needs to learn all these subtleties. But even if we eliminate or reduce the initial error, it will create much more favorable conditions for negotiations. Availability needs. No need! With whatever you happen to come to the negotiations, even if the object is more important to you than to the side – you should not be a state . Needy always goes for those who are the object of his lust. He was always driven. Staying only one strategy win-win. Dear, we’re not Americans, we can not physically wear a constant smile on his face the face. Person using only this strategy, it is very easy to trap.

That is why many courses on negotiation so useless – they only teach the theory. Lack of mission. Nothing does more damage than a lack of understanding of who you are, what you want and for what? The position of “all right”. “Well-fed and satisfied” state is unlikely to deceive your opponent and tempted to wear a mask will close my eyes more to you. How effectively you work after a heavy lunch? The correct position: “wrong”. Assumptions. Many beginners Communicators have a habit of speculation about the outcome of negotiations. Based on these they produce their original position. What happens when conditions change, on which were built assumptions? Imagine a student-Losers, who pulled out a ticket on which no cribs. Do not try to control the outcome. Another common mistake. ” Mmmm It can give us a 50% discount, he said it on the first meeting just need more to buy ” Familiar? This is very common manipulation: reassuring with 3 boxes, and haggle. Peekaboo – who decides? There are people who are beginning to “negotiate” with anyone who come to the talks. And this “everyone” then says that he must “consult with his superiors.” How do you want? Need to ask directly: “If we contact you arrive at one possible solution, you are entitled to it will take? Or should will be agreed? “Separate the people from the problem. The man in front of you – it’s not all that organization with its size, traffic and the opportunities that stands behind him. This is the same little bug as you, with their problems, personal and service interests as you.

And this is a conflict for him having the same problem as you. No – it is only the beginning. Negotiations begin only when you said the first “no”. Everything before that – in fact, . Typical error – Inability to reach agreement, the desire to impose their point of view, and ignore the views of the interlocutor, considering it a mistake. No, your mistaken understanding of the terms of the interlocutor, it is better to think so. Mistake to think that negotiate and sell the same thing, and do not distinguish the difference. In these communications are utilized principally different mechanisms, different processes. Sales – a job with motivations, doubts, an indication of benefits. Negotiations – it some kind of game you can play as a team, or the opposite, a rival party. And this is not the case, when you sell something. This is the case when you combine their efforts with others, or defend their resources and at least save them. Negotiation – is the game.

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