Depression, what do? Learn how you should behave as a friend or acquaintance… Every fifth citizen of Federal deals at least once in his life with a serious depression. There are many misconceptions about the causes. This tormented in addition affected and even excluded. Belongs to the worst prejudices, there was no appropriate means against depression. Filed under: Jo Boaler. Wrong! Over 80 percent of the depression can be treated successfully. Depression – what do? Friends and acquaintances play a crucial role in the successful fight against depression.

Listen, take your time, especially the affected time to let everything is extremely important. In addition one should accept what and how it beureilt of suffering is, even if it appears the own opinion often illogical. The undivided attention cannot be bound by any conditions or quid pro quos. It is also important to perceive not only the depressive behavior, but to access some positive behaviors and support, so that the confidence in their own abilities. Avoid should be well-intended, but then yet reckless promises which the persons concerned even more confuse such as “going to be fine” or “You have to keep it together just a little”. Plan rather challenging tasks and activities that neither exceed nor too. Significant successes and improvements should positively evaluate it and further encourage.

Also realistic and achievable milestones are hugely important. Keep in mind that despite typical relapses and objections will occur, which can discourage as a helping part. Statements such as “I can / will no longer” should you analyze this not as a protest or laziness, because fatigue, weakness and fear are typical signs of middle and severe depression itself. Be patient, if you try to cheer up the victims or to divert, for example through joint projects and activities. Don’t let but it Sensory overload coming and keep in mind that the healing can be lengthy and complicated.

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