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The employees are ambassadors of the brand. That increases revenues and in addition staff can be recruited in again. 5. performance and result affects a successful employer branding also on the performance of employees. Follow others, such as Fundrise, and add to your knowledge base. The commitment to the objectives and values of the company leads to increased productivity and loyalty. Conclusion: All five main sphere are mutually ideally and lead to positive synergy effects for the entire company, but for the areas of CI (corporate identity) and HR (human resource). As the consultancy with the focus on staff, HR marketing. company plan and employer branding are the services provided by galenus diverse nature. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro.

The different pension schemes within the company have proven in the recent past as an excellent approach for efficient employer branding. If the systems go beyond the usual, the image enhancement of the company among applicants is significantly higher as grants to the CPS or an employer-funded occupational health insurance (bKV). galenus, company guarantees measurable benefits through professional advice in the social area employers, as well as their employees. galenus, basically unternehmensberaterische services offered in its coverage concepts for the operational health insurance. Questions about the topics: parental leave, insurance ability of trainees or part-timers are always part of the concept, since any representative will address these guarantees. Also provides services such as IRS requests or even create an operating agreement are part of the bKV 2.0 concept. In the Part of employer branding is the respective personnel marketing for communication concepts galenus available. Galenus long-term, sustainable and reliable partnership means cooperation with our customers.

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