Different Locks Key

Security locks of macro are IDENT counterfeit-proof, stainless, non-conductive and available in unique cylinder constructions macro IDENT Lockout-Tagout solutions has a wide range of security locks in various colours and materials. The locks are available right then or different cylinders with two different master key systems. Padlocks of macro IDENT are versatile. Especially for locking and blocking the range lockout systems, to ensure a high work safety in companies. All locks are equipped with different locks, locking systems, master keys, and so on.

MACRO IDENT on one standard package offers, in which padlocks with different keys are supplied (key different). A key to a particular lock locks so only this castle. The locks are equipped with cylinders with 5 or 6 pins. Both cylinder as also key are manufactured with precision machines and highest standards. Security locks with different key divisions and closing plans are available as an option.

The above key is different standard”system with different cylinders. Custom-made macro offers the opportunity to obtain locks with the same schiessendem cylinder IDENT. Case of locks with the same keys and locks, all locks of a record with the same key can be locked. This is particularly useful when an employee is to use multiple locks. A master (master key) can be made in addition to the respective security locks with just closing or closing different cylinders. Several security locks with different cylinders can be opened with a master key. In this way it is the senior personnel possible, in an emergency situation a lock of another Employee to unlock. To prevent abuse, this master key (master keys) in a safe place should be stored, only members of the operating Board have access to which for example. The master key system can be extended for use by several teams in companies. MACRO IDENT provides here a Grand Master Key”system to. Is a master key (master) available for each team and the castles of all teams can be locked if necessary with a general main key (Grand Master Key). These systems (key alike, different, key master key, Grand Master Key) all according to customer requirements can be customized. The user can imagine itself along the appropriate locking system so according to his ideas for his areas.

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