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English, as many people know, has become an international language, replacing French and German. Not a single educated person can not agree that knowledge of English is now a must, since English language is used everywhere. English is needed for travelers, the English language needed to scientists, the English language needs for students, even playing a game it is desirable to know the English language. We are always surrounded by English. English tongue so firmly taken root in our lives that we do not even notice it. Signs in English, text ads, institution name, names of companies, enterprises and firms in the English language. Many labels, warnings, and road signs are duplicated in English. With English you can be confident that you will not perish in any country in the world and find a common language with almost any man enough to ask a question: Do you speek English?.

Every educated person should know English. English is needed especially for children. Best from an early age to teach children to learn other languages. Not so long ago the study of foreign languages in primary school neglected. Since the experiment was conducted, whether children are prepared for such and whether they will be in sufficient quantity to absorb the material. Meanwhile, in our time, early foreign language teaching has moved beyond experiment. In addition, foreign language study, not only in the primary grades, and even as early as kindergarten. Proven that children who study a foreign language in primary classes, it is easier and faster to learn.

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