Digital Literacies

In the same way programming is a tool that offers the possibility of inventing and creating visually interesting ideas and with many successes that make classes pleasant and attractive for learners. Should be added to programming applications multimedia part of the benefits as cited earlier wide my field of action where I can devote to teaching this and therefore my job performance is going to ascend favorably and therefore my creative ability I leads to be competent before the labour society. Programming is also important for my personal life since I believe that the main ingredient to have good relationships with others is through communication and in which I think interactive spaces with my family and friends. TRENDS for devices MULTIMEDIA innovations in devices that appear every day contribute to technological progress, which makes human beings use less brain and not make mistakes, since the machines are perfectly designed to make all kinds of mathematical operations, transmit the information we want, travel with us without having to leave the Houseserve as means to make business decisions, fun and to play football etc.? It is evident then that the machines work increasingly faster with better results. Contact information is here: author. In my personal opinion I acknowledge it as an effective working tool that serves as a support in all governmental and non-governmental institutions but there is that ignore that little by little, without realizing they are displacing people in work by hand for example, in coffee shops there are dispensers that we put a coin in a rendijita, we selected that we want and machine passes us product, gasoline pumps already the person tanquea his vehicle and the machine is responsible for the amount requestedin the end all this we can see it with the so-called supermarkets. With reference to the above I also see in future machines will be the owners of the land, will to reign, since they may think, speak and act as human beings and with the famous virtual loves already man will satisfy your pleasures virtually, it goes away even more people, they will not have physical contact with them What does that it is going to have control of Nativity and to serve as a method of planning and gradually going to see fewer people and more robots, populating the planet. 6AEwBw#v=onepage&q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard The Center for Discovery here. .

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