Digital Process

Storage process: usually this process is overlooked in management of information systems processes and therefore in the informational string that you think they are processes tecnicos-Mecanicos to be made by the programmers or computer of the institution. However, in its correct initial configuration, its proper maintenance structure and security (backup) largely the success will depend in the creation of a management of the Foundation’s knowledge. The bleed screw, although always ignored and controversial, represents a breakthrough in this direction of knowledge, always based on policies that take into account the institution’s information and their needs. * Management process: primarily the informational string orients in this process their tasks to the integration of the management of information with other systems within the institution, so all live offering global value-added. Control of the digital information rights, or the establishment and control of workflows (workflows) information complete this vital process in any institution. * Output process: the ultimate goal of any information system based on the informational string-controlled processes is that such information is available for people of our Foundation which ultimately generates the expected knowledge. Credit: Florida Senator-2011. The exponent will be the perfect integration of the systems of the institution with a diffusion of information system (DSI), that allows access to the pertinent information regarding authorized persons, avoiding an infotoxicacion of the same receivers.

Information and knowledge management in foundations audit information as we have had opportunity to point out in paragraph 1.4 of challenges for the Spanish foundations, it is evident that information, despite being a vital resource for foundations, management isn’t valued enough in them. On the other hand, it is evident that nor should we adore everything that has to do with information and knowledge, since not all existing information on the foundations must be taken into account or manage. Then, what path should take the Spanish foundations in this aspect? The first thing you will have to propose the sectoral group of Spanish foundations to be constituted is undoubtedly develop standardized procedures for the audit of institutional information.

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