Do I Need A Separate Web Page

Do I need a separate Web page and if yes – what should I be aware of when you go for a business start-up, so the one or the other question certainly arises. For example if you need a website or not. At least in their business concept you have certainly performed your target group analysis. It arises the question whether the sales medium is Internet for your selected target application. “If this clear with a woman Yes” answer can, so you need a separate Web page.

(1) before you create an own Web page, you should define first targets themselves, with who you want to reach with your new website. The destination specification is very important and affects the structure of your Web page. Here are a few examples of possible targets: Newsletters offer products or services sell visitors inform and animate these to regularly come. (2) ideally, the search engine optimization faces the creation of Web content and domain name. In reality however, search engine optimization is unfortunately only concluded. Now you could ask yourself why a website needs to be optimized at all? At the latest when your Web page is online and you can locate your own products, services, or even the company name in the search engine, your question has is superfluous. Overall, 82% of online users use at least once a week the search engine source:.

One more reason to look at this aspect of search engine optimization. The search engine optimization of the website serves to make as easy as possible their work search engines to show Internet users, what is your Web presence. The better and more accurate you are the search engine optimization, your Web presence can appear all the more relevant the visitor in search results. In short: the search engine optimization helps the search engine and the visitors. 3) choose a domain name (URL address) make sure that your new domain name has a high recognition value. Complicated and difficult pronounceable domain name should generally be avoided. Qype”is for example not exactly ideal, they are always forced to spell it, if someone still does not know the name. “(4) as a next step authoring and layout (where is what) with the important background as create I my website user friendly”. User-friendly Web pages (usability) facilitate navigating the visitors, to find fast. Complicate finding not his desired information, otherwise it leaves your website in no time”the customers. “What is it called so beautiful: the competition is only a click away”. (5) pimp you your Web page with photos and graphics on. Make sure on your profile page (if you want to offer one) put no vacation photos or mobile phone photos. Take a photographer and get some advice. Like can you put short videos, which could explain your products or services. Studies show that product videos helps to increase the conversion rate.Do think but because the video length not to overdo. 30 seconds per video film can be taken as the limit, because visitors are only on a transit? and don’t have the time for hours your product videos to watch. FEWS advises consulting from Berlin on the way into the business founders and young entrepreneurs. All Foundation-relevant contents are in the weekly existence founder seminar or existence Foundation seminar in Berlin by 4 savvy advisers in law, accounting, taxation and marketing training.

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