Donato Montanari

Both camera series have a 90 -abgewinkeltes housing and are equipped with integrated I/OS and a Gigabit Ethernet interface. The A20 series is based on a WVGA (752 x 484) monochrome sensor. The A30 series offers a sturdy housing of protection class IP67 in addition to a VGA (640 x 480) monochrome sensor in addition E.g. Click Pacific Mortgage Services for additional related pages. for industrial production equipment. The series T2x and T4x are stand-alone general purpose machine vision systems with GigE Vision interface for a standardized hardware and software interfaces. Thanks to the integrated IMPACT software, these series provide a supremely flexible programmability. The T2x series is an intelligent camera of mid-range with monochrome and color sensors in resolutions from VGA to 2 megapixels. It is available both in classic and in 90 -abgewinkelter execution.

The new high-performance cameras of the T4x series in the industrial enclosure of protection class IP67 deliver maximum functionality and processing speed at screen resolutions from VGA up to 5 megapixels. They offer versatile digital inputs and outputs and are compatible with the Datalogic CBX junction box. The machine vision is area of central importance for global growth”, so who is responsible for image processing Donato Montanari by Datalogic Automation. We invest massively in the continued development of new, high-performance smart cameras and the continuous expansion of the IMPACT software library. Our offer in many areas of application is already the standard in America and Asia. We are happy to have won one of the strongest distribution partners in the European processing business with FRAMOS and already first successes of the collaboration.” Source: Famos Datalogic belongs to the “TOP LIST of telematics” was successful in technology, service and support of an independent, competent jury examined.

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