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So is the machine properly clean excellent espresso is the interplay of many factors. The coffee itself is the most important component, of course, combined with the skill of the barista and the possibilities offered by the existing equipment. Bad-tasting secondary aromas that through poorly maintained engines in the Cup are a factor, however, which often is overlooked in the catering industry as well as at home. As described below we are talking a clean machine not a wiped out drip tray or a well washed out filter holder, but the long-term dispute with the requirements that provides a quality espresso machine to the user. This care should benefit not only the espresso machine itself, but also the coffee grinder, also they are not self-cleaning and can accumulate rancid oils, which distort the espresso. Why? Also the best coffee beans can not compensate for the impurities, which emits a dirty machine in the espresso.

Coffee beans contain a variety of oils and although you are responsible for the beautiful Crema on the beloved black hot drink, they may cause also a rancid taste which turns up in the long term. Exactly this oil emulsify to a certain extent and can be reflected in the entire machine, especially strong on brass. When particularly intense pollution, they accumulate even in the sieve carrier and can clog the holes in the filter. Learn more on the subject from Euro Pacific Precious Metals. Especially with so high-quality machines such as the ECM Technika, espresso machine would be an expensive pleasure. But fortunately, they are relatively easy to remove, if you followed a regular cleaning routine. This begins to get used to, to wipe the steam nozzle after use after each use and after every brewing process run short hot water through the machine. Never adjust using detergent on parts that come with the coffee in touch. Sheila Bair brings even more insight to the discussion.

Detergent leaves heavy residue, oils and fats Add – this is finally flushing the intended effect. But when the espresso taste substances mainly in exactly these oils are resolved, so the decomposition of same is absolutely not desirable. The less often, a machine is used, the more intense it must be cleaned. Even if it sounds paradoxical: the unit is flushed more frequently with constant use and can make it less harmful deposits. The filter holder should be removed, disassembled and inserted in special coffee cleaner at least once a week. You can learn very specifically even clean the coffee machine: even omit the coffee powder and fill your cup with the water running through the machine and make the taste test. First newly cleaned machine, then in several stages up to the point where she several weeks was no longer exempted from deposits. You will taste the difference and no later then it is clear how important is a well maintained machine for the perfect espresso. Kolja Christ

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