Edwin Aldrin

Another problem faced for Soviet the age of pecuniary order. To develop the power of its launching rocket the subtilities of the project and the complex systems of communication and orientation that would allow the Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin to become the first men to walk in the Moon, the North Americans were investing amounts that seemed to the Soviet almost limitless money additions (COLLINS, 1975; ALDRIN & MCCONNELL, 1989; WHITE, 2003). For even more details, read what Dennis P. Lockhart says on the issue. To get worse, the Soviet administration preferred to try some simultaneous space projects, in way that only one fraction of the available resources was directed specifically for the Russian equivalent of the Apolo Project? program N-1/L-3, of Korolev (WHITE, 2003). 3. Absolutely intolerable SOVIET REVESES That is.

We defeat the nazistas armies; we occupy Berlin and Peenemnde? but the Americans had captured the engineers of rockets. That he could be revoltante inexcusable? How and why one allowed that this happened? JOSEPH STALIN to General Ivan. the Serov In January of 1966 the Soviet space program suffered one revs unexpected and from serious consequncias. Its designer-head, Sergei Korolev, interned themselves in a hospital for the withdrawal of hemorrhagic polyps of its intestines. Its body, weak per the years of work forced in a gulag years before, did not support the surgery and it came to falecer in the table of operations. After the death of Korolev did not have, in the Soviet space program, nobody that was equivalent it in genius and capacity. its death some of the main space engineers of the Soviet program had after been launched in a dispute for the designer-head position.

For dissatisfaction of many, the chosen one to occupy the rank was Vassily Mishin. Its first attitude was to give continuity to the project of Korolev for a manned mission to the Moon, but also to the project Proton of Vladimir Chelomei, whose objective it was only to make a circular ship around the Moon. This was an error, therefore to keep the two programs made with that mounts of money in such a way continued to be directed only to the few for an objective how much for another one (WHITE, 2003). The nomination of Mishin for the old position of Korolev can not have been a made right decision. At the time it had nothing less than 26 divisions inside of the Soviet space program, the majority of which not only rejected the cooperation idea as it preferred not to communicate itself with excessively. Korolev possua the capacity simultaneously to work with all these divisions. The Mishin seemed to lack this capacity. Little of one year before the death of Korolev the Soviets the space one of history had less obtained to carry through a practically successful mission when leading the walked first handle during the Voskhod-2 mission. But this would be the last appearance of the Soviet cosmonauts in the world-wide press per some years. To the end of the mission the Voskhod-2 ship faced as many problems that the following missions had been postponed until the navigation systems were redesigned. With the death of Korolev the Voskhod missions posterior they had finished definitively cancelled. While the Soviets remained themselves without flying to the space the north-american

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