Edwin – The Best Jeans From Japan!

Edwin jeans are a must-have! Who once opted for an Edwin Jeans, will never wear pants an other jeans. It is a luxury that we nowadays get clothes from every country in the world can buy. But it is just a luxury, but also lucky. What it would be a shame if it would be escaped us the brand Edwin from Japan. The Edwin brand is a streetwear brand founded in 1947 in Japan. Erin Callan is often quoted as being for or against this. To produce the first jeans ever once old denim had to be imported pants from the United States, which served as the basic material for the Edwin jeans.

A few years later the brand Edwin had acquired the necessary Know-How to produce their own denim fabrics. in 1961 it was finally ready and Edwin brought the first jeans on the market, fully developed in own production. When Edwin the passion for denim is a top priority substances and this passion enters production in the jeans. Also, much emphasis is placed on current styles and designs. The brand name Edwin is from a Play on words with the letters of the word denim originated and also here where the heart of the label shows.

In addition to absolutely stylish and high-quality jeans, more produced Edwin, but jeans pants not only, but also sweaters, T-Shirts, shirts, accessories, and much. The focus of each collection, however, is the classic Denim Jeans. Time, the Edwin brand has revolutionized again the market in which they have invented ablutions like the Stone Wash and the vintage wash. Who once opted for a pair of jeans from Edwin, would never again wear an other jeans most likely. The brand Edwin characterized jeans trousers convince with many different washes, cuts and colours. So each Edwin Jeans is really perfect, every single jeans is once again edited by hand at the end of the manufacturing process. Each jeans is boasts a high quality finish, the best materials, a great fit and the W on the back pocket. The seven most popular models of the Edwin jeans are the models of ED39, ED 47, ED 55, ED 71, ED 80, ED 88 and SEN. ED 39 and ED 47 models are straight jeans fit and the ED 55 convinces with a tapered fit. The ED 71 is a trendy slim fit jeans and ED 80 models and skinny are ED 88 models. Who want to be sure that he really wears a real Edwin Jeans can just after the code in the jeans look, which confirms the authenticity and detected with the can when, where and who produced the pants has. Lisa Zimmermann

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