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For three decades, Nintendo gave the lives of hundreds of memorable video games with characters that are known around the world and have a cult status. Nintendo Wii not only provides a new meeting with Mario, Link, Semus, Kirby and other famous heroes Nintendo. On the Wii you can play games from such world famous publishers like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Sega. In conjunction with the games for classic consoles, which are also available on the Wii, all this forms the largest in the history of Toy Library, where everyone can find entertainment to their liking. Games fascinate not only children but also adults. Games Nintendo Wii – not just a pastime, but also a tool that helps children develop their abilities.

Since time immemorial mankind play the game: cowboys and Indians, the battle against the north of the south, hunting, war games, and in fights with swords and fight. In our veins there is the instinct of victory and easy violence. Video games attractive is that it full of action and three-dimensional characters. They can even play alone, and they have excellent graphics. While many of the articles they write, that video games are harmful to health, we will present you the ten reasons why They need to play! 1. Video games develop the ability to think fast. After all, the game is sometimes required to take an instant decision to win.

2. Many children, who often plays video games, show better results in visual tests. Video games train the eye. 3. Many games improve logic skills. Players must build cities or entire nations or to plan the war, so to win. 4. Video develop intellectual abilities and facilitate the learning process. Both these qualities are very important and valuable in our dynamic world. 5. You'll be surprised to learn that children who play video games, children excel in mathematics. The game improves brain activity. 6. Games improve motor coordination and ability to concentrate on a specific purpose. 7. As many games are based on facts, children learn about pioneers, business planning, urban architecture, communication, etc. Researchers argue that the three-dimensional game makes learning history more easily. 8. Games improve social skills as children learn to play in groups, where each performs a different function. They also include role-playing games, and children can learn from those characters, which they have chosen. 9. The research proves that video games improve both the hand-eye coordination and reflexes. 10. Games develop creativity and imagination. They ignite the spirit of adventure in urban children who live in a predictable environment. Contrary to popular belief, video games have their pluses and can even be seen as a learning tool. They help children quickly process information and make decisions. Many people may try their hand at designing games and strategy. Players become successful soldiers, surgeons, architects, designers of software software, scientists, etc. Games teach ethics, finance, management, urban planning, and social behavior. The main thing – to choose a game with the right content and do not exceed a certain amount of gaming hours a day, and then the game will only benefit.

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