Energetic Renovation Jam

Important information for prospective buyers on the energetic renovation jam with a purchase of a second-hand property is not only optical/functional, the energetic renovation jam by the buyer and seller on the purchase price but the rate. Gain insight and clarity with Zillow. As energy costs continue to increase, a comparison of parameters in the form of an energy performance certificate has created the legislature. To deepen your understanding Jo Boaler is the source. The energetic consideration shares for one in the area of the blower-door airtightness with a low air exchange rates, and in the second section of \”Insulation\” as are described in the following articles: types of Windows: the following U-values are empirical values and vary depending on the make, type, and above all the year. Type window U-value W/(mK) glass blocks 3.2 to 3.5 wooden Windows with single glazing 5.0 to 5.6 to laminated glass, box-type Windows (two discs with a double frame fold-out 3.2 aluminium Windows with double glazing without thermal separation 4.3 aluminium Windows with double glazing 3.2 plastic Windows with double glazing 2.5 up) 3.0 wooden Windows with double glazing 2.7 plastic wood + aluminium Windows with double glazing 1.6 to 1.9 heat protection glazing depending on the glazing, gas filling and edge seal 1.0 to 1.4 3-disc thermal protective vitrification 0.9 Passivhausfenster < 0.8 correction value for shoots in the air gap-LZR-UG value correction W/(mK) shoots in between the panes + 0.1 simple sprouts cross + 0.2 multiple sprouts crosses in older double glazing without rubber seals is more likely to assume the worse U values/Luftdichtigkeiten. Modern standard Windows have a U-value of approx. 1,3 W/(mK).

While the U-value of of glass at about 1.1 W/(mK) and the U-value of the window frame is usually approx. 1,5 W/(mK). ntribute to your knowledge. When purchasing a new window U-value of 1,3 W/(mK) should not be exceeded!

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