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With this the lessons if become monotonous, following what the didactic book, adopted at the moment, brings of excellent and of ' ' truth absoluta' ' as much for the pupil how much for the professor, and the comodismo also hangs in the two sides, having the professor the easiness of only indicating the page it pupil to read (some times certain professors nor know where page stopped the last lesson) e, to the pupil, it only fits to summarize the text, or to decide the activities proposals in the end of each content of the book. In certain situations the pupils do not possess didactic books, complete Pontuschka this problem when he points what he happens in classroom: On the other hand, another group exists, with pupils without access to the didactic book, where the professor only possesss the book, using it as its main bibliography; the book is of the professor and not of the pupil. The entire text or a summary of the text is written in the blackboard and the pupils pass the time of the lesson copying ' ' lio' ' , with fast explanations or, to the times, without explanations. (PONTUSCHKA, 2007, p.341). As well as Pontuschka it comments on that professor who not wide the didactic book, exactly knowing that the pupil does not have one to follow it in the lesson, and does not search alternatives to cure the deficiency, Freitag brings justifications of this descompromisso of the professor in improving the exploitation of the time of the pupil while seated in its pertaining to school wallet: We saw that most of the done studies on the book it showed that it satisfies the professors. The professor not only contents itself with what he has as idealizes still it, making of the didactic book not among others, but the only instrument of work.

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