Esprita Seminary

After all, as I could hear in Esprita Seminary carried through in the Esprita Group Heifer of Menezes: It is easy to load Jesus in the chest. Difficult is to place the chest the service of Jesus. What it is come close perceiving, inexorably, is a primary attempt to close the eyes for the things of God, being ignored the combat and becoming the mere difficulties events the holy ghosts without the control of the action human being, nullifying itself of the real responsibility of operating beings in the process of improvement and planetary progress. Valley to remember that already we live this behavior in last times when our combats if was valid the pacific acceptance and the room of acts. To the Esprita it more does not fit to imagine, or the idea to it same, how much to the necessity to possess talentos special, special mediunidade, to enxergar its defects, being placed them it daily test in the eagerness to fight them for benefit, first, of itself exactly, as well as of all the ones that permeiam its magnetic-fludico field. We have in the acovardado one on behalf of a mere social collection, in hiding in the cocoon waits in it of season favorable to the birth. Where they are the Espritas de Itaperuna? The moment to produce the good combat is fond and to wake up of the volupiosa hibernagem that has centuries moves away in them from the truth and that it approaches in them to the character instability. Instability this that if it establishes in the emotional ditame of the human being and that it consists well-known of material and imediatista matrix. It is not necessary to wait to have eyes of Nince to enxergarmos what it consists of mere eyes to see and to perceive the quo we have marked steps when the subject if leads in the direction of the two the dicotmico thought of serving deuses (Chapter XVI of the Book the Evangelho According to Espiritismo).

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