The divine conspiracy financial collapse is inevitable. In a society that moves driven by profit, some will always win and someone will lose. The truth is that those winners are turning into powerful beings to which it increasingly easier to win again. More money, more power, always at the expense of others. This dynamic is repeated in all societies on the planet, which causes much of the wealth and power have been concentrated at the hands of a small minoria.Podriamos reach the reasonable conclusion that this social imbalance is given for a few schemes, companies or characters all corrupt.

However, history shows us that no matter the system, social structure or who are in power, all perpetuate the same pattern in which a small, rich and powerful minority controls the mayoria.Y this begs the question: "Can we start a new social structure that is fair, sustainable and not is based on the profit? "The answer is" No ". The desire for profit, which is inherent in every human being, is the engine that propels everything that emprendemos.En fact, this desire for profit is another way of asking the question "What I can I draw from this? "No benefit in view we are unwilling to lift a finger, let alone to create a sustainable social structure. In fact, this desire to win, and more specifically the desire for superiority, is so innate in us, we might suspect that there is some kind of conspiracy Divina, a type of congenital structure, designed so that it is impossible to get rid of it: constitutes the very essence of our nature humana.Si we had the opportunity to analyze the writings of Kabbalists Baal HSulam contemporaries and others, and find that they all point to the existence of this paradox, which recognize the inherent flaw in human nature.

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