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I’m interested in this change, not how long it will probably take. The time for change is now”Nirj Deva, Vice President of the Development Committee of the European Parliament said. We need to involve more Governments and businesses and make better use of the media”, said Mahmoud Makhale, the Director of the World Bank, and signaled the willingness of the Bank, some of the discussed activities directly as a partner to support. Together, the Forum decided that seven-point plan: common values and ethical principles should be strengthened in individuals, organizations, as well as on a regional and global scale and promoted. Own behaviour should serve as an example of a morally and socially acceptable behavior to inspire current and future generations of executives from business life, civil society as well as the policy. Social responsibility of companies incorporate in existing business practices, as well as in business administration. The dialogue in Keep gang, to create an awareness for stakeholders and shareholders, business ethics is as important.

Promote exciting examples of linking ethics and profitability, to strengthen the public confidence in the company. Cooperation with important personalities, forums and initiatives to strengthen the influence of the connect process together. The progress to accompany and to report at the world forum for ethics in business 2011. The initiative was also the winner of the ethics in business award 2010 announced. Follow others, such as Nicholas Carr , and add to your knowledge base. Andris Piebalgs, EU development Commissioner, 2010 was awarded in the category of most outstanding personality of public life “. The award for the most outstanding company went to Miguel Veiga-Pestana, Vice President of the global external affairs at Unilever PLC.

The prize in the category went to DELE Olojede, Director of Timbuktu media and Africa’s first Pulitzer Prize – winning outstanding personality. The participants of the World Youth Forum, the traditionally takes place one week prior to the Symposium, met with the leaders in the European Parliament. This year their group consisted of those who have achieved far-reaching results or are characterized by their social commitment 25 young professionals from 10 countries, among them. The symposium was held in Bangalore, India, for the first time in 2003 at the behest of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. In 2006, the event then moved to the European Parliament in Brussels. In the past seven years, politicians, Nobel Prize winners and leaders of world’s most successful companies such as Shell International B.V., Microsoft corporation, Coca Cola, Infosys, ING Bank, GMR group, Daimler AG and Tata services have participated in this annual event. Contact: WFEB Press Office: Cirstin Ehlers T: + 49 (0) 30 25358396 M: 0049 (0) 151 4310 1428 email:; the world forum for ethics and business is a Belgium-based and registered Foundation of public interest (N 822.216.342). The Order of the forum includes a wide variety of activities, indispensable ethical principles economic action in a globalised environment to pursue and establish. It provides a platform to promote and to protect of the approaches to ethical conduct in companies, as well as in the area of corporate governance. It facilitates worldwide dialogue and promotes cooperation between the private sector, science, government authorities, international organisations and the media. As well, the main focus of the organization is also the spiritual and secular communities and all other stakeholders. The World Bank Institute, the Earth Charter and the IAHV are the partners of the WFEB.

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