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What started years ago as a way for college students were reported and could easily exchange information and does not stop. Millions of these are university graduates today. Some in full career, others just beginning, everyone needs a professional profile according to their worth. Especially recent graduates can benefit from this article. If we take into account certain significant events such as that more than 33 million active Facebook users, with 150,000 new ones are added daily, and that not enough mind to understand the scope of the number of daily visits to the community receives it would not hurt to ask ‘how to write a professional profile on FaceBook to help me succeed in my career. ” First, the choice of a friendly staff but will be critical fanfare. Being professional, someone should forget slab profiles hip-hop, heavy metal or adolescent fotologs ….

unless you plan to develop their career in one of those fields. The font should be elegant but readable. Nobody wants the extra work of having to interpret what a profile has to say. And the photos should look simple but professional. For example, forget to put your photos in a bikini unless you’re a model, and avoid those that you’ve taken with her hair slicked up before going to the party punk, unless you own a record like that .. Why so many precautions? Is that from the standpoint of personal and professional marketing, FaceBook has to do with identity, information and social context of a professional. It’s about a way to create connections between people, fueled by valuable social ties which, in turn, reinforced by network effects. To improve one’s professional profile is useful to think ‘How did FaceBook high growth rate? How can a professional mass reach that rate through FaceBook? ” The company did it through the deep integration in all channels: news, the product directory, the profile page.

And a professional user can also do this if you can connect either your profile with relevant information. The ideal place to establish such links are the navigation area on the left, which is under the photo of the user, the top right or the one in the center of the page. The best way to take advantage of the professional profile and stand out on Facebook is to show recent interactions and some recently added content, social relevance and to take into account the temporal aspect: what happened yesterday and today. And do not forget that the content is mostly expression, not consumption. Another interesting idea own profile marketing is to find other professionals who have built their own in FaceBook and have complementary professions. Then, if both are made of sane, may cross links and information for the benefit of both. All these measures together will make a professional profile can show a pleasant, professional and free.

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