Fashion Can Protect The Environment – Clothes Made Of Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics protect the wearer that clothing made of natural fabrics is increasingly in vogue seamstress and the environment from chemicals. Earlier models made of non-toxic natural fabrics were often very convenient to provisional, above all the good will and the belief that the appearance is not so important if the inner values are included there. Outside of the alternative scene, clothing made of natural fabrics could claim is difficult. This has changed by now thoroughly. Pendant of natural food and clothing are no longer as exotic.

Also food and environmental scandals have made the people more attentive. On the basis of natural textiles a veritable fashion direction has evolved, which need not fear comparison with conventional designer clothes. Often, she has an elegant and artistic and original touch. Those who opt for fashion made from natural materials, meets this decision consciously. These are high quality products that might never come cheap, but quite affordable and worth its price. People involved in the knowledge itself, to the production and to do something good to the environment, creates a pleasant feeling. Some grievances of traditional clothing are known the customer information, others have already experienced it at the own body.

Pollutants such as heavy metals and pesticides can lead to skin irritation or even allergies. Cotton is highly toxic treatments often already on the field, their Ruckstande not only in the later garments remain, but strongly affect the environment in addition, field workers and seamstresses. The industrial dyeing, not only the colors are highly toxic, but enormous amounts of water are needed. So may be produced cheap in the short term but at the price that long term nature, destroyed by damage to health of employees and customers, not to mention. Environmentally conscious manufacturing of clothing conserves the resources of people and the environment. Clothing made from ecological point of view further means that the manufacturing process without exploitative working conditions expire. Include fair employment contracts with regard to working hours, health and safety and compensation, and the prohibition of child labour. Natural textiles clothing has another effect: it is very long lasting. Thus the higher purchase price pays for itself and the old clothes mountain grows more slowly. Klaus Martin Meyer

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