Federative Republic

According to Freire (1987), the proposal of a school contemporary is, therefore, one social and cultural newness. About this new institucional space, the performance of the professor more cannot be thought as a simple question of theoretical formation of that it teaches, as well as, the performance of the pupil more cannot be considered as a simple question of motivation and individual efforts. The school of today is a rupture with the school of the past, always inhaled in a promising vision of the pedagogical relation. Analogicalally, the family contemporary is a social and cultural newness in comparison with the family of some decades behind. The relations between parents and children, in this new situation, cannot take as model those effective ones in the past. The adjusted formation of the professor cannot be imagined as the simple and direct metodolgica application of the education of one to know theoretician. It is not treated to substitute a psychological orientation for another one nor to extend the studies of scientific, of the pedagogical point of view is not an addition of parcels to know theoreticians who, even so necessary, never will be enough to alicerar the understanding of the pertaining to school situation and the formation of the discernment of the educator. In these terms, it seems not to have ready solutions to guide this formation, but the proper concept of pertaining to school life is basic so that if reach this discernment. Considering the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in chapter III of the Education, the Culture and the Sport, section I, of the Education, article 205 cites: The education, right of all and to have of the State and the family, will be promoted and stimulated with the contribution of the society, aiming at the full development of the person, its preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and its qualification for the work.

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