Financial Freedom

It deludes the financial freedom for many people these days that, for all the logical conclusions and comments must have gotten. Comumente it is cited as one of most important and looked for objective in the life and still rare it is reached. This article does not intend to give to a magical formula for the success but I to it to share with vocs the choices that the difference for me made and can, if you to choose well to place it in the way for the freedom. Consumption You can opt to passing some all or its money in ' ' consumo' ' item. These include feeding, entertainment, tourism, habitation, automobiles, hobbies, and so on. These are things that we need to live in day-by-day. They also include the item that the service the things that we want and thus to improve the life style.

Investment You can opt to passing some all or its money in investment item such as the property that generate real prescription, action, deposits with interests, the companies who produce prescription, etc Consumption or investment Two important factors need to be understood on the simple concepts of consumption and investment. The first factor is that the expenses with ' ' consumo' ' item result in reduction of the total value of its asset (equity). Expenses in investment item aim at to increase its equity. As the factor is that you have choice. You can choose you enter the expenses with consumption or item of investment. It is clearly, the best standards of expenses are those that they aim at to reach a balance enters the expenses with consumption item and investment. Consumption or investment You already know the difference you enter consumption and investment and the expenses that you can choose between the two. Everything that you need to make is to think before spending.

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