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In addition, the high level of taxes in itself is an excellent ground for corruption. Especially hard work against high VAT production, where there is a fairly long cycle, when the high VAT increased costs and "washes out" working capital. In the markets there is a significant international competition, and benefit products that have lower costs. Besides, everyone already has long been known that the existence of schemes return Export false VAT provided substantial losses to the budget. Undoubted merit of the state that for small and medium-sized businesses have introduced a simplified tax system with preferential rates, in fact (6% of revenue, or 15% of profits). However, VAT is still high – 18%. Optimally, it would gradually reduce it to about 10-13%. A similar strategy should be in the "whitewashing" of salaries.

In the future, as growing prosperity of the economy, the accumulation of equity at the companies, increase the obligations of the pension system to raise some taxes can be. What major changes have taken place in the market over the past few years? Why advocacy to reduce VAT from business more effort? Up to a certain time cost of services for optimization of taxation were cheap enough. Back in 2001 they accounted for 2-4%. Then slowly, the state has become "press" is a business. A law was passed by Anti-"laundering" of money, established the Committee for Financial Monitoring. The late Andrei Kozlov quite actively deployed combat "obnalnymi" banks. But did it all end? Given the risks, cost of services more increased, reaching a peak last fall to 7-9% when the State's efforts to "tightening the screws" have become particularly intense. The second point is that, due to the significant amount of "shadow" economy, including is the market "response" to our tax "climate" (according to official estimates, about 20-25%, according to experts 30-40% of GDP) "white" businesses are faced with constant challenges.

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