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One of the easiest ways to start learning a new language is to start with everyday situations and elements that around us. Many people do not even understand the power of these things, and the ability to which anyone to learn a new language. If you speak Spanish and want to learn English, if you or speak English and you want to learn Spanish, no matter. In fact you can learn any language gradually and easily, on the advice of this article. Council 1: turn on the TV and watch it: now heres where you can collect some words and phrases English wants to learn. Simply view any of our English TV shows. On the TV I have numerous shows in English, Spanish and Chinese. Just seeing these shows for a bit each day, will allow you to easily learn some common words, greetings and phrases. People such as Nicholas Carr would likely agree.

Council 2: surf the Internet and use its resources: the Internet has numerous free fonts to help you learn English. You can visit GOOGLE and use the translator tool. Here you can enter words or phrases and they have translated them into English. In addition, there are lots of web pages written in English, can browse through these sites and pick up a lot of words and phrases. Council 3: public places: go to a cafe, or even a store where there are people who speak the language that you want to learn.

Simply browse the aisles slowly as if he were watching carefully the goods. To do this, simply observe and listen to the conversations. Another good place is a public park or somewhere else where there are a lot of people gather. Council 4: enjoy children’s books with a lot of images on them: this is a fun and easy way learn a lot of foreign words, not only in English, but any language that you want to learn. The majority of these children’s books have pictures on every page, and pictures are very relevant to the conversations happening. There is a web site that contains a large information about learning English, the website is for anyone who currently speaks Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese and French. The website is called: easy to speak English, and can be found at this address: by Robert w. Benjamin can publish this article in your ezine, newsletter, or on your website while you reprint in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections. Robert W. Benjamin has been in the software business since the 1970s on the C64, Amiga, and Windows PC. He has won awards from the magazine to the game of the month, and more, in several European computer magazines.

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