Fortunately Down

For all of these non-professional moments are responsible logistics and warehouse employees. And often they are justly punished. What prodazhniki? Managers direct sales, direct contact with consumers, customers and are forced to put out his claim. But it's not all. Logistical errors on the line, reduce sales.

Not found or not certified product reduces shipping. Sales are down? Seller punished the ruble, he works in% of sales. WHO true culprit sales slump? Item 3. This product is sold, it is delivered to the customer. Delivery service and logistics.

Priorities for the duration receive from customers are different. One urgent need, as you bring the other, so you bring. Primer.Dostavka medicines in pharmacies. Part of the pharmacies take hot applications for clients. They do not deny (no drug) and take order and invite the customer "to go after dinner." Part of the honey. drugs are so expensive and the piece claimed that if the customer does not buy it (not having a period) will require the return of pharmacy. Deny it, to lose a client. In any If delivery is not systematic in the time limit agreed by the client, is reflected in sales. It just starts in the "hot cases" refer to a more operational and executive vendor. Sales are down? Who truly The cause of decline in sales? Item 4. Speaking candidly Federal Reserve Bank told us the story. Regional and branch policy. If your offer a wide range of goods, then sooner or later revealed that some positions go quickly, others slowly, others are general. But Fortunately, there are marketers and they calculate what to trade and how to build profitable range. Sales manager is still more profitable to trade more resourceful product. And if this prodazhnik marketing closer to the body, and its colleague in a remote regional branch? Avarice seller is clear, but surrendering to its marketing agreement, "to hold the position of the undercarriage," reduces the total company sales. Sales are down and who is true culprit sales slump? Point 5.Buhgalteriya, economic department.

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