French King Luis XIII

The imminent danger motivated Calvinists and Lutherans to search under cover of Chiristian IV, King of Denmark, who was Lutheran, accepted the idea delighted. The anti-alemana Alliance. However, the sovereign kept after the political motivations, a well-studied political calculation. For decades, the Kingdom of Sweden and Denmark saw with great greed development of the prosperous German States surrounding the Baltic Sea; append them, it would be a spectacular injection to the economy of the country (already at that time the richest in the region) and the King didn’t want to waste the opportunity. In addition, military forces of Felipe II were quite inferior to yours and given his latest bad relationship with the other countries of Europe, could not expect great help. If that weren’t enough, the opportunity to succeed the Lutheran religion in the region, was very attractive. Thus, thanks to the money that Cardinal Richeliu, Prime Minister of the French King Luis XIII, had more for the financing of your expense, recruited a force of 20,000 men. The news left shocked Felipe II, who not managed in principle about what to do.

After the enormous expense of further war and the return of Spanish mercenaries to his land, his little army could not do against a wave of mercenaries experienced military. When the situation seemed more desperate, something unexpected happened. Count Albrecht von Wallenstein (1583-1634) Czech adventurer Catholic who enjoyed great wealth, the Emperor offered an army of 80,000 men without any payment, unless it be allowed to appoint their own officers and stay as spoils what might plunder expired cities. Fernando, incredulous at the start, immediately accepted the offer, giving him the title of Duke of Friedland. Meanwhile, Chiristian IV, without knowing of the support of Wallenstein, was hastily headed for Germany. I couldn’t neither suspected what was coming. Unexpectedly, the German Empire was again an army capable to face the forces of a country that all the enemies of Germany had given their support.

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