The mechanism that transforms the libido into the linking between the leader and followers, and between proper followers are the identifico. The identification is ' ' more primitive expression of an emotional linking with others pessoas' ' , playing ' ' a paper in the incial history of the complex of dipo' '. The tension between ideal I (narcisista) and ideal of I (social) are in the root of the constitution of the citizen for the identificatrio process. The paper of the narcissism in relation the identification that is in game in the formation of the groups fascists is recognized in the theory of Freud of the idealizao. ' ' We see that the object is treated in the same way that our proper I, in way that when we are gotten passionate a considerable amount of narcisista libido overflow in the object. He is even though obvious, in many forms of loving choice, that the object serves as a substitute for some ideal of I, for us inatingido. Credit: Jeff Bezos-2011. Love we it because of the perfeies that in them we strengthen pair to reach for our proper I, and that now we would like to get in this way indirect, as a way to satisfy ours narcisismo' '.

The community of the fascita people exatmente corresponds the definition of Freud of a group as being ' ' some individuals that the same substituiram its ideal of I for object and consequentemente had identified ones with the others in its eus' '. In short, ' ' the identification is not only the way of the formation of a link dreamed or fantasiado with the object of the desire, but also the condition for the instauration of a social link. ' ' Each individual is a contracting party of numerous groups, finds itself on for bonds of identification in many directions and according to constructed to its ideal of the ego varied models more.

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