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This essay will analyse the central themes of three books that Dr. Ramon Gallegos has written on holistic education and are: learning to be; Education and spirituality; and spiritual intelligence. Learn how to be. The birth of a new spiritual awareness in this book Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava exposes the more general principles of the perennial philosophy in relation to the holistic education. The main motto is the spiritual journey of mankind until the recognition of its true nature, the perennial philosophy is the wisdom that acknowledges the existence of a spiritual foundation for all reality. Through the concept of learning to be you set the relationship between the holistic education and the perennial philosophy, learn be is a process of development of our inner spirituality, a process that takes us from egocentric beings to universal beings, leads to the recognition of our true nature.

Holistic education and the perennial philosophy are two treasures that cannot be separated in the new comprehensive vision of the world. The ultimate goal of education is seen as the development of awareness, a revitalization of our world of life until the full spiritual and transcendental realization of being. Education holistic, in addition to conventional academic learning, recognizes one that is base and heart of all learning: learning to be, learning means recognizing our true nature allowing that the fruits of our inner being sprout. Learn how to be is at the heart of everything new and genuine educational paradigm. The fullness of our being us allows to achieve comprehensive, profound and universal truths, overcoming the narrow boundaries of the mechanism and achieving a new awareness. Scientism is one of the first obstacles to having an education with human sense are that promotes learning to be is reductionist in holistic education, integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity, the development process means greater integration through differentiation, pluralize integrate, integration is unity in diversity education holistic is a pedagogy of universal love, a process to form integral human beings, a conduit to nurture the best of the human spirit: solidarity, peace, harmony, tolerance, patience, dialogue, democracy, compassion, love, fraternity, etc.

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