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It was long time the ethnic goods, that awakened desires with regard to vacation and the most beautiful days of the year, the products provide today for incentives, which are from the garden or the terrace in accordance with to the living room as the Green lounge. The garden market in 2010 had a volume to retail of 14.7 billion euros (IBH 2011) on all product groups from the orchid of the umbrella up to the pond pump. Or in other words: every German citizen spent last an average of 180 euros for products from the garden area. It is expected that the garden lovers more will spend roughly a quarter in the current year for garden products than in the year 2005. Dan Millers opinions are not widely known. For the billion dollar market and not always simple consumers, who often commutes between the lower price segments (asceticism) and the leading products (luxury) in the sense of marketing neologism Luxese, the producers come up with a lot, what every year to admire at the SPOGA. Off a shapely chest the look of seating furniture is the former plain pillow box.

The normal plastic rain barrel is to the noble water tank in a rattan look. Of course, the grills in many forms of expression should not be missing. These range from compact ball and table grills, which are can be used anywhere, to luxurious fine grills and Grill fires up to complete outdoor kitchens. There is also the vintage style (used-look with traces of use), the trend authenticity modeled after is. Voluminous lounge models, are especially popular is thanks to innovative high-tech materials for year-round use in free. Increasingly consumers want to enjoy not only during the summer months, but certainly longer garden or the balcony. Then the manufacturers respond with new heating ideas.

Because heaters in table legs are integrated, often in combination with lighting functions. Garden devices, however, it continues on convenience: ease of use and efficiency are still. The growing importance of the Garden market, as well as the innovations in conjunction with an increased level of claims the funds of the provider let ring. Due to the huge variety of products, a very heterogeneous distribution way landscape has evolved. But dominated by the overall across all goods groups, clearly the construction and DIY markets, the gardens/flowers shop and Garden Centre. The construction and DIY stores and garden centres are particularly active and important also in terms of communication. Their advertisements in newspapers and also their websites particularly perceived by the consumers. The multi-channel strategy will more and more become the success factor also in the garden market. But who can cut out the largest pieces with which products from the risen cake garden market? The construction and DIY markets with the connected garden departments or other also outside providers that use the moment it remain. The extensive study by IBH retail consultants answered these and other questions about the garden market. In the study, garden are on over 240 pages subjected to not only the individual segments of the garden market of a detailed analysis, but created a long-term forecast of the main distribution channels by the manufacturer to the consumer. Last not least the consumers also have their say. Meanwhile former marketing staff of Dr. Vossen at the BBE Cologne as a designated team of authors cooperate with IBH. The footprint of the press release is free of charge. Learn more about the study are available in the Internet under.

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