Gasoline Prices In Russia – To Wait For A Scheduled Price Drop ?

The problem with unreasonable overvaluation of fuel in Russia exists. No specialist will challenge this fact. In favor of this assertion is the fact that today Russia takes leading position among the exporting countries at a price per liter at the pump. A more thorough study of the fuel market suggests that among the living by exporting countries are those in which the petrol is cheaper. In beginning of the year in various media was carried out active discussions on the future to reduce the cost of fuel, Odaka, in fact it turns out that gas station owners in no hurry to lower costs. It can be argued, and then that a sharp jump in prices is also not necessary to be afraid. According to the new portal gasoline prices in Moscow and St.

Petersburg are in the range of 20 to 21 rubles. per liter, 95-th. No significant change in the direction of lower prices due to the fact that the taxes which give oil companies the state is considerable – from 30 to 60%. Therefore, the reduction in prices can lead to unprofitable production. Owners of private petrol stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg is well aware that demand for gasoline in Russia, in any case will be stable – even a sharp jump cost will not be able to get motorists to give up driving a car.

U.S. consumers buy gasoline prices, which fluctuate in a range of 14-16 rubles. When that domestic oil workers constantly complain about the loss-making exports. But go to the drop in prices in the domestic market no hurry. The wholesale price of fuel has fallen in recent years nearly doubled, and our gas stations remained virtually unchanged. It is known that the Antimonopoly Service claims to increase attention to the owners of private stations, but how it will impact is difficult to say.

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