Georg Kohler

“Interview with Georg Kohler, Managing Director of the cooperation for general cargo System Alliance why the system Alliance has a so complex future workshop” performed? The shareholder and system partner of our medium-sized strong cooperation for general cargo have all well mastered the global economic crisis. I was always of the opinion: who has done his homework, has nothing to worry about. This assessment has come true. Also the constructive discussion of important issues for the future belongs to the homework for me. Just the middle class in our industry has catching up to do here. The systematic research of the future is nothing nowadays with the view into the crystal ball. She’s scientifically based and methodologically accurate.

We want to draw sustainable benefits. When and how did the idea for the future workshop”come about? Trigger was a joint breakfast with our PR consultants Uwe Berndt during the German Logistics Congress in October 2009. We have asked us whether and how the Future chapter in our book of Alliance logistics in the time machine”outside of the book continue can be. This is us quickly clear potential in an organization such as the Alliance of the system lies dormant. At that time, we have the rough concept of the future workshop during breakfast”developed and held in place.

This followed numerous meetings and presentations, as well as the coordination with the shareholders. They were immediately convinced and have approved the execution of the project. How did it get to collaborate with the scientific team? Dr. Heiko by the Canal, the Director of the Center for future studies, we had during the book project already worked with and good experience. 2009, the contact with Prof. Dr. Thomas Krupp by the European University of applied sciences had surrendered during the DLK. He is a profound knowledge of the industry and has served many years as a consultant on the other side of the desk.

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